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Get Paid To

The icing on the cake for every gamer is the ability to monitize their game time.
Gauntlet ESport have created a game client that pays rewards in exchangable cryptocurrency. Finally players can get paid to play their favourite games and get
rewarded GAU crypto. The more play time, the more players can earn which means more games, merchandise, hardware and accessories you can purchase from the store! We are living in a time where gaming has become more productive, flexible and rewarding. Don't get left behind hoping to get enough hits on your streams to make money or get good enough to win events; start earning while you learn!

Coin Specs

Coin Name: Gauntlet
Ticker: GAU
Algorithm: Quark
Reward Model: PoS
Premine: 6 Million GAU
Block Time: 1 Min
Blocks Per Day: 1440
Block Reward: 5 GAU
RPC Port: 21335
Masternode Reward Per Block: 2.5 GAU
PoS Reward Per Block: 2.5 GAU
Blocks Per Day: 1440

E-Sport Events

Gauntlet ESport will be organising and hosting its own events both offline and online. Due to the current global pandemic we will schedule online events on a weekly basis starting soon. This will give players of all levels a chance to get involved with us and showcase their skills and earn the much coveted GAU.