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GAUX Gaming Client

The gaming world is changing and so too is the cryptocurrency landscape. Gaming is becoming more personalised and globalised as a community where gamers can play each other, live chat, text chat and stream all at the same time. Cryptocurrency is becoming more utility based, niche orientated and more in-tegrated into our way of life.

Gaming is a huge part of everyday life for millions of people daily and their gaming time has become itself; a commodity.

Getting paid to game is not a new concept however getting rewards in crypto-currency automatically after your game-time is, and I’ve got good news; Gauntlet ESport will be at the forefront of this change in gaming lifestyles. What you are about to see is a gaming client where you can purchase games, hardware, accessories, chat, play games, stream, create esport events, follow and donate to your favourite gamer, communicate and social share like never before. And you can earn real cryptocurrency in the process 🙂 Welcome to Gauntlet ESport!