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This page contains all of the questions we got from our investors, and community members. We tried to answer all of them in detail.

What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

We believe in strong communities and we believe that a strong community has the power to forge a project like ours ahead to where it needs to be in the global gaming niche. A strong community is built by strong communication and observable progress and we achieve this every single week and month as we meet our monthly objectives and release our weekly updates. We provide as much support as we can to our community. We will be providing services such as; game store, streaming and an eSports platform.

You use a quark algorithm. Please explain the benefits Gauntlet gets from it?

As many of you know Dash and PIVX using the same algorithm, and both of them are secure, fast, and have a proven track record in the crypto sphere. This is why we decided to use that algorithm. PIVX has two consensus algorithms; the traditional proof of state and Zerocoin (zPoS). Our main reasons for choosing the same algorithm were primary for security, privacy and speed.

Is Gauntlet only providing the platform for the games created by others, or do you also create games/apps for your system on your own?

Gauntlet will provide a platform where users can choose games that are created by other parties. We are not game/app designers. Currently we have no intention to create games.

Will every game owner be able to “list” their game on your platform?

If users have games already installed on their own pc’s, the client will search their system for installed games and add them to the GAU client library so they can plug into the crypto rewards. It has a certain criterion that it has to go through because we will have to check the game code behind to determine if it’s safe to use for our users or not but yes in short they can.

Do you have any partnerships from the gaming industry?

We are in contact with a few companies already yes, but it would be too early to share details, as our gaming client is not yet released, we are planning to release it in Q4 2020.

Why not accept games who are paying for promotion? Like I have the game X and I want it played by a community of skilled gamers. So, I go to you, give you money and you set a pool to be distributed among your users who play that game, is that possible?

Absolutely this can also be done and will be part of our advertising partnership deals that game companies can fund us additional rewards to be distributed among a set number of skilled players.

The more you play, the more you get rewards. Don’t you think that this type of incentive might get addiction to gaming?

Gaming is already addictive for many people however this is not our focus. Our focus is to achieve a platform where we have a very high, responsive and highly skilled pool of gamers that will be rewarded for their time. We believe that this will make us a more attractive platform for investors and other gaming companies. Some games are already really addictive even without the incentive. Everybody has to be reasonable how much time they put into playing, need to find the healthy balance between gaming and real life.

Do you plan to add any mechanisms to help people find that balance, especially kids?

Game time rewards will only be distributed to actual game play and not inactivity periods. We will be implementing regular reward pauses after so many hours of play to prevent people from being continuously in front of their game while it’s linked to our platform. Also, rewards are only given to active play and not inactive play. Obviously as a gaming platform we will have a social responsibility at play and this will constitute much of our terms and conditions when registering and downloading our client. We have not hashed the minor details out yes but there will be protection mechanisms put in place to address this overplay, age sensitivities.

Do you plan to do testing as well for gaming companies? If they would like to test a game, they would come to you and get feedback from the community?

Absolutely, we would be happy to do that and reward our membership in return with the funds given to us. Most likely we will have a pool of skilled players to choose from to try new emerging games and provide feedback to these companies. Any rewards they give to us will be distributed amongst those players.

There is a collateral in order to join the masternode. What is the amount and why is there a need for such a thing?

Well each and every masternode project has a set collateral to set up their masternodes. At Gauntlet, that amount is 5000 GAU. Masternodes are not a requirement to download the client and play and get rewards FYI. There are no fees attached to the game client. The collateral (5000 GAU) is the required amount of GAU to set up and run a masternode successfully. These amounts of coins are locked within that masternode mechanism to reduce the amount of coins in circulation.

How would you introduce E-sport to normal users who don’t have enough knowledge about blockchain? Why does the E-sport game niche need Blockchain technology?

I don’t think ESport itself needs blockchain technology but there are clear advantages such as; privacy, speed, anonymity and exchangeability. No credit cards are required etc. Normal users don’t have to learn anything about blockchain technology only the very basics. There will be guides in place to enable users to direct them anyway. We are not bringing gamers to blockchain technology, we are bringing it to them but more as a backend reward system.

Do you have a beta version?

We will release the gaming client beta in Q4 2020.

How is the reward for players calculated? Does it depend on the amount of time they play or their skills as a player?

The rewards are calculated by the amount of game – time and the amount of coin available. Active game time is only considered for rewards so you don’t just start the game and leave it running, because for that, you won’t get rewarded just for that as we will have anti-cheating mechanisms in place, which will look for those algorithms and other abnormal activities. Anybody found to be cheating on the platform will be banned and their wallet address blocked.

Gauntlet ESport have created a game client that pays rewards in exchangeable cryptocurrency. What data will a player need to provide to receive a reward? Is KYC required?

The user only needs to provide their GAU wallet address as an identification, it will be connected through an API. No KYC or any personal data needed.

Are you a global project or local project? Are there any restrictions using your services?

We are a global project, there is no geographic restrictions, but we need to be in line with local laws, so if there will be any restrictions, it will be based on those laws and regulations.

COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? Secondly, are you still on track to achieve your targets as the road map says??

It hasn’t affected us in a negative way, as we are mostly an online venture, but we had to push our offline E-Sport events further out until the pandemic ends. The pandemic has created a mass of people playing online, due to the lockdown restrictions so in essence it has had more of a positive impact on our project.

Do you think your team is dedicated to this course? How reliable are they?

James (Silass) and me (Fury) started this concept several months ago, and we only officially started it like 6 weeks ago, and we have been fully committed to date and plan on doing so until we achieve what we set out to. We have already reached all of our milestones to date. Because we are passionate about what we doing, and we have experience in these areas, we are 100% committed to this project long term.

What are the future plans for Gauntlet Project? Do you have any exciting things down the pipeline that you can share?

The future plans are to be one of the most sought-after game clients in the world. We will launch a streaming platform as well to eliminate the regulations for example that Twitch and YouTube have for their users. This platform will be released once our gaming client has been beta tested is fully functional.

Are there any incentives when running a node other than securing and decentralizing the network?

The incentive is the 50% of the block reward, which is 2.5 GAU per block with a 1-minute block time.

What is the biggest challenge you face currently in terms of becoming a successful project?

The biggest challenge that we are currently facing due to the early stages of the project and due to the small team and minimal resources is finding likeminded investors and support networks that could really help us progress Gauntlet onto the next stages of development. We are addressing this by doing AMA’s for example and releasing weekly and daily progress news about our project on all social media platforms. All tasks viewable on Trello.

From a start-up project to a mainstream project, being a pioneer in the industry, does the team anticipate that many new start-ups will show up and compete?

Gauntlet ESport has observed a gap in the marketplace for a simple, less restrictive and more service inclusive gaming client. We anticipate others wanting to emulate what we are doing however we believe that we will create a unique quality product and suite of services that will be hard to match with our expertise and passion.

I see in your website that Gauntlet wallet is only available in Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry. How about if I have no laptop or PC or MacBook, only mobile phone, can I download it through Android, Appstore or Google Store? Do you have plan to launch Gauntlet mobile wallet application for easy access of your wallet?

We have a mobile and web wallet created as well. The mobile wallets are provided by 3rd parties like Trittium and Flits Wallet app, our web wallet is run by us. Check out our Discord ‘Links’ channel and our website for more details.